Sheet Metal Fabrication


iStock_000003793841XSmall Sheet Metal Fabrication

Does your business need a fast and efficient turnaround rate for metal fabrication? Reynolds Heating and Air Conditioning would like to offer you the services of our sheet metal shop! We understand the importance in providing your HVAC clients with prompt and accurate service.

Reynolds offers walk in cooler/freezer resurfacing and metal fabrication of hoods, return air boxes, roof top curb drops, offsets, and custom size transitions. With a quick return rate, allow us to assist your business in completing jobs in a timely manner.






iStock_000005451575XSmall CUSTOM WORK

Custom made curbs for any pitch of roof and any size unit can be fabricated, generally with a 48 hour turn around time. E-mail us with your dimensions or call us and we can generally fabricate it faster than supply houses can ship it.

Need a custom curb box? We can make it! Organizer for your truck? We can make it!

And we make a full line of metal organizers. Instead of paying high retail prices, have us make any size or shape you desire. Ideal for service work orders or truck/van organizers.




We also offer custom sheet metal fabrication for residential projects.

Reynolds Heating & Air Conditioning provides 24 hour Emergency Service! Call 717-299-5220